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Inspiration can come from within it can come from an outside source. While waiting on my car, it was a perfect time to find some inspiration when I came across this quote: " NOTHING CAN EVER GET IN THE WAY OF PURE LOVE' - Deepak Chopra.

This beautiful quote made me wonder how many people understand pure love. This love is not just between a man and a woman but self-love, familiar love, agape love, etc. It's a love you can feel which is free of toxic energy. So many of us crave this love.

Dealing with my secret taught me so much about pure love it helped me understand the impossible was possible.

Love is varied, but the one thing it cannot be is unsure. Pure love can come in all forms for us to embrace. it can be as simple as accepting the apology you never receive.

Think about that for a minute.


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Feb 06, 2022

Pure Love is something we all seek, desire, and want to experience before we move onto the heavens,

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