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Quote of the Week!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

In the world we live in today, the darkness has been overruling the light. I have faith and still believe in human kindness. I have faith we can allow the light to shine brighter than it ever has not only in this country but the world.

I am so tired of the blatant racism we see every day. The number of hate crimes is on the raise, and the agenda of school boards and politicians trying to ease the true history of black and brown people. I recently heard about a school in Texas that told some elementary school children Dr. King fought to help black people get their garbage off their porches. This is what we have come to in 2023. As parents, we should make sure our children get the proper education they deserve.

As a parent, when my son was in school, I supplemented his education. He read every book, I read growing up and he learned the history of all races. And when he choose to attend an HBCU, I was excited. I knew he would be prepared for the world and learn even more about his heritage.

I love when Dr. King spoke about the "content of their character"

During a meeting at work, I remember when I realize the content of one of our leader's characters; by a comment they made.

Not only was it insulting it made me realize they viewed blacks as " Uncle Tom." I knew how I needed to move around this person. Was I disappointed, yes but not surprised. This is where we are, but we don't have to be in this country or any other country.

In relationships, I also judge the content of one's character. It speaks volumes. I don't ignore this anymore when people show me who they are it's their true essence.

What is the content of your character? Are you kind? Do you fight for what is right? Or do you pretend? The choice is easy, which will you be?

Today, Dr. King I honor you!

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