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Quote of the Week!

Am protecting my peace at all costs. My mind, body, and soul need healthy energy. In fact there are people I no longer speak to because of the negative impact they were having on my health. I have ever right to choose who enters my personal space.

Do you know how to have a conversation, with someone sucking your energy dry?

It's really simply, be calm, and specific about what you need. If they are not able to understand or comply, then you have to make a decision about what is important and best for you. So are you ready to protect your peace?

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Jan 23, 2023

This is the best logical thing as we move forward in our journey through life. However, it's easier said than done! Ordinarily, your inner strength doesn't begin to reveal itself until you have a good amount of experience and maturity behind your belt.

When your heart speaks, your mind & soul wants to follow when it comes to assisting with protecting, sheltering, and overextending for those you hold dear.

Learning to say NO, learning to take a step back from doing what's suitable for someone else despite off-setting yourself, will be exhausting to the point that your mind & body will react; it will undoubtedly force you to stop with all the giving of your energy.

I've come [at my…

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