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Quote of the Week!

Rosalynn Carter at the White House.
Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter

This quote from the Rosalynn Carter is powerful. In the chaotic world, showing kindness is becoming a lost art. My brother would always say, "Be a blessing to others."

Why is it so hard to show some kindness to others? For example, you can smile, hold the door open for someone, or offer to help someone in need. You can also give compliments, show understanding, and be thoughtful.

The holidays can be rough, and you might not even know their struggle. So the next you out trying smiling. You may have just made that person feel special.

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Unknown member
18. Dez. 2023

I love the Carters. That quote is succinct and powerful at the same time. We should all do what we can to show that we care about others.

Gefällt mir
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