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Racial trauma and healing

We are living in a world of hate and sickness.

In my opinion, the pandemic has intensified much of the hatred along with many political issues.

Recently I had an experience where I was in a very uncomfortable situation. You might be wondering why I did not remove myself. The answer was I could not since I was one of the presenters.

I had no choice but to stay professional and ignore the facial expressions and talk under their breath.

The chatter was not a whisper at times. In fact, at one point, someone said. " they don't know what they are talking about.' I was like, " hello am right here.

Currently, I am reading a book by Minda Harts called, Right Within How to Heal From Racial Trauma In the Workplace. The timing of my reading this book was no mistake. God knew I would need it on my journey.

I can say I was affected by the experience myself and my coworker endured. I did not allow it to ruin my evening or weekend.

I had time to decompress and do what I love writing, workout, and my blog platform.

My experience is not limited to this most recent experience.

I have faced this type of adversity as a woman of color since being in the workforce; some experiences are more overt than others.

Addressing the pain provided me with the peace needed.

I did not allow them to steal my joy or my peace.

It helped to acknowledge my feelings as I moved on to a calmer state of mind.

Having experienced this in the past, I recognized my trigger immediately. It helped to keep my emotions in check.

I am ready to have a meaningful conversation about this experience and offer feedback on how to make this a much better working environment.

NOTE: I highly recommend Mida Harts' book, and please seek the services of a professional if needed.

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Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
Oct 19, 2022

Sorry you experienced that. I know what you mean and it is terrible. I'm glad your life experiences gave you the strength to brush it off. Don't let them get to you.

Oct 19, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! Its sad we have to continue to bring light to this issue. As we know there are two Americas

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