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Random Acts of Kindness

2023 is my year to experience all God has to offer. I have spoken about doing things with a purpose and loving myself in everything I do.

I made a list of some random acts of kindness to practice.

  1. Each morning say my daily affirmation while looking in the mirror.

  2. Embrace my imperfections every day.

  3. Say thank you to me.

  4. Hug me during times I feel stressed.

  5. As I say, my affirmations smile.

  6. Once a month, prepare one of my favorite food.

  7. Compliment myself after completing one of my aspirations.

See, there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating yourself. Knowing how I see myself impacts my mind, body, and soul.

Recently, I had to remind myself to change the narrative in my head it's a work in progress and takes practice; meditation helps so does eating the right foods.

What are some steps you take to get back on track? How do you know you need to regroup?

Do you look for signs?

In this journey of life, we can always learn from one another. Comment below.

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