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On Sunday returning from my walk, I began listening to a show on YouTube. The name of the show is " The Sit Down with Daniel Tademy. His feature guest was Willie Montague. For those of you, who do not know Wille Montague, he is running for office.

It was a great interview and made me think about many issues, looking at them from a different mindset and perspective. Wille Montague said

" Facts don't care about feelings."

When I thought about this, I had an epiphany. He was spot on! The facts are just that, no room to spare your feelings from whatever those facts are you are receiving.

I thought about all of the times I was upset about facts I was told or found out. It's okay to have feelings about the facts understand; it's up to you how you deal with them.

(Note: If you want to hear the entire interview, it is Episode 62- The Site Down with Daniel Tademy feat. Willie Montague)

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