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Reflections of Thanks

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Here I am, the week of Thanksgiving 2022. As I reflect am reliving so much of 2022.

There are many things I could unpack; some of these things are very painful, and some are filled with joy.

Why reflect on the pain; It's all part of the healing for a better tomorrow and a better me. See, there was a time I would not reflect on the pain. I was to forget my pain and be grateful

for all the good in my life. By doing this, I was not facing the pain, so the healing could not begin.

I reflect by journaling and writing down all the painful stuff to reflect on the lesson and my

growth. Once done, I can open the new chapters with a clear perspective.

Oh, there have been so many laughs along with so many tears. My accomplishments have been many, with so much more to accomplish. Now I have close the old, never to play the rerun, and am ready for the new milestones.

As you reflect this week, close the old and bring in the new, do it now. Thanksgiving week is a great way to heal and get ready for all the great things you are about to manifest in your life.

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