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Restless Soul

Today while working, I found myself very distracted, my balance off.

My soul was telling me to dig deeper. I did not know why I was searching my soul.

By faith, I saw a post on Instagram by Depak Chopra. He listed the Four Anchoring Intentions and, then I understood.

When I thought about it, I realized some of my intentions were off. Tonight I understood why.

The Universe has a way of giving you the answers you don't want to hear but need.

As I sit here contemplating what the Universe showed me.

I practiced restraint with my words. I chose to do yoga and meditation.

I knew I did not want to be in a situation in which I said something I could never take back and I would regret.

I chose Quiet which is one of the intentions mentioned.

Now I know I lost my joyful, energetic body on something when I should have walked away.

I promised myself I would reset and be intentional today. I will write down when I experience each one of these intentions. Reflect and be grateful.

I realize it was a waste and took time away I cannot get back. Time is so precious, so we need to understand our intentions. Remember all is not lost.

Time to be purposeful with mine!

Post your intentions and reflect on them throughout your day.

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