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Restless Soul

Today while working, I found myself very distracted. My balance was off. My soul says 'Renee', dig deeper. I did not know why I was searching for my soul. Depak Chopra lists Four Anchoring Intentions in the image above. I decided to take a moment to reflect on my intent. This allowed me to gain insight into my soul's purpose. I was then able to find clarity about why I was searching for my soul. Here is how I approached each intention.

  1. Joyful, energetic body: Five days a week I wake up at 3:15 AM and work out at 4:00 AM. I pray, meditate, and post my morning posts to my social media accounts. By the time I turn on my work computer, my energy is charged. On the weekends, I work up early and go for my morning walk/run.

  2. Compassionate, loving heart: This is my time writing in my journal; just doing my daily affirmations to myself, loving myself, and making sure my self-talk is filled with positivity.

  3. Quiet, alert mind: After work each day, I reflect on my day, shower, and prepare for my evening. Whether it is reading, writing a blog, or recording a show for my podcast, this gives me peace and keeps my mind alert. Reading before bed is another way I quiet my mind.

  4. Lightness of Being: I make sure that I am in a peaceful and calming environment when I go to bed. I also practice deep breathing and focus on my breathing to relax my mind. Finally, I take a few moments to appreciate the present moment, feeling a sense of contentment and lightness of being. It's November, and I have started the process to make sure I get to the next level of elevation. Let me ask a couple of questions. Is there anything you need to accomplish to begin your new year? What have you been putting off?

Make a commitment to yourself today. You deserve all your goals and dreams to manifest with fire! Take the first step and make a commitment to yourself today. You have the power to make your goals and dreams come true! So, take the initiative and create the future you desire!

Post your intentions and reflect on them throughout your day.

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