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Rooted In Balance

During the past two years, my life's journey has been one filled with extremes and, it's been a time to heal.

During this journey, moments of tears, prayers, and frustration, so hard to get rooted in balance.

People had no idea of the challenges I was facing; honestly, folks got their stuff, so they might not be able to handle yours.

Some do not care about your unrooted balance.

The more you smile, they think you are fine; behind these smiles are masked emotions.

I saw a quote right before I started to write this post which said;

"Healing yourself can be offensive to people that benefited from your brokenness"- Unknown

For me, my healing continues; if that is offensive to others, oh well.

I needed to get rooted in balance, mind, body, and soul.

Here are some of the benefits I experienced:

  1. Weight loss

  2. My complexion was bright and clear

  3. More clarity and focus

In times of doubt, I dig deeper into my roots.

What are you doing to get rooted in balance?

What are you willing to sacrifice to get back to balance; how will you help someone else find their balance?

My gift to you is to share my journey.


Please check on your loved ones and never assume everything is okay! There are resources should you or someone you love need professional help.

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Feb 25, 2022

I am so happy my insights are able to help you with your journey. Am still a work in progress but as I continue on my path, my prayer is others will follow suit and start their journey to self love!


Feb 25, 2022

This morning in reading this affirmation hit home. I've come to learn that self-healing is personal and needs to be kept quiet. Outside distractions, judgements and know=it alls, are only food for destruction. Like you, I too am having a journey that has been taking me longer than I expected to fully getting myself in-check. All because I share to much! My last 3 month check-in with my Endocrinologist slapped me into reality. I'll leave it there. Thanks Renee, your insights and shares are not only fruitful for personal growth & empowerment, but too for a calmer me.

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