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The month of September signified the beginning of the new school year when I was a child. As an adult after 2017, it has taken on a different meaning.

Amazingly certain events in our lives have us reflecting differently.

So it is imperative to do self-care and maintain your mental health.

This journey we call life teaches us so many lessons. It is up to us how we use what we have learned. Some people use these lessons to create good, and others choose a different road.

For me, September had good moments but also moments of hard work to make sure I stayed focused. It tested my limits; I had to change the narrative and watch how I spoke

to myself.

There may be times you have good and bad months it will pass. In the process, don't forget to care for yourself.

My brother loved the group Earth, Wind, and Fire, his birthday was on the 5th of September.

In the same month, we held his memorial five years ago.

So, I loved hearing their songs this month; it let me know my brother was with me.

Find the light even when you think there is nothing but darkness.

This blog is dedicated to my wonderful brother who remains in my heart.

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