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Simple Tips for Creating Positive Energy & a Peaceful Home

Let me ask a question: Do you have good energy around you? Before you answer this question, I'd like you to write down why or why not.

Now look at your list. What did you discover by doing this activity? I try to surround myself with positive energy. It is a long road, but you have to start somewhere.

Here are some examples.

  1. Have a positive attitude.

  2. Focus your mind - no overthinking or worrying.

  3. Visualize only what you want to attract.

  4. Deleted contacts.

  5. Deletes old photos, emails, and photos from my phone.

  6. Cleanse my home.

Simple Tips to Create a peaceful home:

  1. Clean out your home, and eliminate clutter.

  2. Store things you don't need or donate them.

  3. Reorganize your furniture.

  4. Try aromatherapy.

  5. Playing music is very relaxing.

Those are a few examples that work. You can create healthy energy by doing something for yourself with zero cost.

For example, give yourself a facial, soak in a hot tub with some Epsom salt sprinkled with your favorite scent.

I also exercise, meditate/pray, and eat well. Just making time for myself and decluttering my home; brings me tremendous peace and helps me with my energy.

Changing the energy around means changing the people you allow access to. Toxic people drain you, and you will have nothing left for yourself. You'll be amazed at what you attract when you change your environment.

So look at your list. Are you ready to begin this life's journey? Join me; let's start sharing positive energy and vibes with others.

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