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Stop Comparing

I do not need to remind everyone we live in a very different world.

Social Media has consumed our lives in many ways. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is here to stay.

It is so important to understand what is really vs. fantasy.

The same, in my opinion, is the in the corporate world.

Read this quote:

I knew people who would always compare themselves to their co-workers.

I watched this happen during the performance review period.

You would even hear the conversation on the floor. I was guilty of this, and wonder how some received an opportunity over me.

I would waste so much time during a comparison of my performance or credential against someone.

It was a waste of time and energy.

I learned I should have been horning in; on how to elevate myself to the next level. If you want to compare yourself to someone, look in the mirror.

That is the only person you should compete with each day.

You are your only competition, stop allowing outside influences to steal your joy and peace.

Instead, elevate to the next level!

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1 comentário

01 de ago. de 2022

Comparing oneself to another isn't all bad or should be viewed as a negative. Instead, a resource tool for how to refine or depict your professional assets. Better yet, it should cause you to look within to identify what you feel/think are your strengths and/or weaknesses. It's always wise to ask the 'right' questions from your supervisor or the person responsible for upgrading your position/career. Modeling those expectations that can enhance your character & skills comfortably can only make you a better you. Why else are there thousands of 'how to' books to make a better YOU?

Comparing yourself with bitter resentment is self-destructive; most often, it's all about your deliverance of how & what you do that makes you…

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