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As some may know, my inspiration comes from experience, conversations, and information I find on IG.

Last week I saw an interesting post worth sharing. This post talked about was about " Nine Habits for Success." This post listed nine habits you can start practicing to take your career to the next level.

Here is the list:

  1. Plenty of Sleep

  2. Eating Healthy

  3. Staying Active

  4. Going Outside

  5. Mediation

  6. Accepting Failure

  7. Asking for Help

  8. Losing your ego

  9. Removing toxic friends

I want to take this opportunity to touch on each of these activities.

Plenty of Sleep:

Every person may have their take on what this looks like for them. For myself, if I get 6 hours am good. But this needs to be uninterrupted sleep. I wake up a 3:30 AM - 4:00 AM, time to pray, meditate and get a workout in. I am more productive, but you also must have the drive and be motivated to get things completed.

Eating Healthy:

You are what you eat, just like computer garbage in, garbage out.

If your diet does not consist of healthy choices, the result can be a lack of energy and illness; this may impact sleep and ability to focus.

Staying Active:

During the day, while working at home, I take time out to step away and get some activity such as going up and down stairs; reading emails as I walk around. And, of course, a workout is part of this process.

Going Outside and Meditation:

Notice I placed these together. You can meditate with a purposeful walk, jog, run, or stand outside. What a great way to reset and refocus.

Accepting Failure:

So let's look at this with a different lens. Take your failure and use it as a learning moment. It can help you to grow and change the negative into a positive.

Losing your ego & Asking for Help

Being humble should be something you practice in your professional and interpersonal life. When you ask for help, you will spend less time spinning your wheels. It helps you to be more productive and can help with anxiety. Wasted time costs money.

Removing Toxic Friends:

The key to your professional and personal life is being sure you protect your peace every day. Earlier this year, I removed all toxic people from my contact, social media, and life. It sucks the life out of you and adds to health issues.

Although this list is very comprehensive, you may have other activities you use to help you be successful. I would love to hear what they are and how long you have been doing these activities.

Put your thoughts in the comment section.

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Unknown member
Mar 30, 2022

Good post with wise advice. Thank you, Renee😍

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