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The Deepest Truth

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

"What if I told you that every true love story has a deep secret behind love, lies, and pain?

What if true love started as a lie but becomes more as the day goes by?

We all know that all good love stories have these three things in common: pain, lies, and realization.

In every love story through all the smoke and mirrors, there is the ugliness that brings about each person.

We don't like to show it but love brings it out of every good man and woman.

Love, there is always pain and defeat and the deepest truth. Good and evil, one must sacrifice love to find true love, but in the end, someone always ends up hurt,

while the other two live out their lives till death do them part."

Special Spoken word contribution by Torrent Taylor Jr.

Do you believe in the fairytale? Is there such a thing as true love? Does not loving someone bring about its own set of rules and challenges?

I want to believe in the fairytale but am also realistic. Love is work, but it should not be labor; it should never take you to a place of the unspeakable.

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