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The Eyes

I am sure you heard the saying the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and been able to see into their soul?

You may have seen tiredness due to their red eyes, or they expressed happiness or sadness. The eyes may show our inward expressions.

Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves. It is hard for me to hide my true feelings. There is a part of me that says, why hide?

Here are some reasons why I may hide my feelings:

  1. Professionally: Showing emotions can be interrupted negatively in a corporate setting. Management may see this as a sign of weakness.

  2. Someone you love lies: This is when my eyebrow would go up just slightly. Hard to hide when you know the truth.

  3. Tragic Event: This can stir up emotions on many levels.

Over the years, I have accepted I am an empath, so emotions are a big part of who I am. What I work hard at now is not allowing emotions to

overwhelm me.

Learning how to manage emotions is a part of self-care. Coping mechanisms help. Make sure you take the time to look into your eyes.

What do you see? Is it time to unplug?

Some don't know how to cope and look into their eyes to see their truth. It's why I journal, work out, pray and meditate. And eating healthy is


I agree the eyes are the gateway to the soul. However, that does not mean you can see someone's truth.

It is only fair you ask questions and have a conversation with the other person. I know I

would have preferred a conversation. In some many situation people have misinterpreted my emotion, because of what the saw in my eyes. In many cases they were way off base and totally wrong. Assumptions were made based on their interruption vs. what I was truly feeling.

It's those conversations that can make a difference.

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