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What does the GOAT stand for: THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES. This title refers to athletes, performers, etc.

I have many people I consider to be the "GOAT."

Watching Serena this week was a treat. I have followed her entire career. Watch her and Venus win matches in single competitions and doubles.

What I love about Serena is she did it her way!

People complained about her beads, outfits, and grunts. Serna stayed true to herself; she was her brand.

Through all of the adversity, she rose to the top.

I give Serena her flowers.

As I watched last night, filled with emotion, I thought of my Mom. She loved watching Serna play.

I began to reflect on my life's journey and asked, am I the "GOAT"? Yes, I am GOAT, and I will not have it any other way.

I am a survivor!

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