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The Joy of Being Me with a Purpose

For years I found myself trying to be accepted by my family, peers, and relationships.

It took me a long time to realize the only person I needed to accept was myself. I needed to learn how to be myself and love myself during every part of my journey. I had to start learning how to do me with a purpose. I realize my purpose change over the years. I change who I was for others and lost myself in the process.

During my process, I found myself complying and subscribing to believing my only purpose was to take care of others since I was the oldest in the family, becoming brainwashed by this belief. I deprived myself of my own purpose; in my life journey. Please do not misinterpret what am saying. Family is first! I will always be there for my family. I was just told what I could not do and achieve, when it came to my dreams and aspirations. I love my family with all my heart and soul. Am always going to take care of family, I just need to learn I could have both.

Then I spent the next couple of years kicking myself for not traveling and writing my book, starting my blog years ago, buying a new home, and having a healthy relationship, wasted time.

Forgiving myself for not placing myself first was a big step. I had to be comfortable with doing it without feeling guilty. Albert Einstein said,"

Imagination is more important than knowledge." I had to tap into my inner child to get my creativity back.

I am not going to be announcing am going to be doing it. This year completed one of my visions; January has been very productive.

It's my time to be me with a purpose!

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