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The Joy of Being Me with a Purpose

For years I found myself trying to be accepted by my family, peers, and relationships.

It took me a long time to realize the only person I needed to accept was myself. I needed to learn how to be myself and love myself during every part of my journey. I had to start learning how to do me with a purpose. I realize my purpose change over the years. I change who I was for others and lost myself in the process.

During my process, I found myself complying and subscribing to believing my only purpose was to take care of others since I was the oldest in the family, becoming brainwashed by this belief. I deprived myself of my own purpose; in my life journey. Please do not misinterpret what am saying. Family is first! I will always be there for my family. I was just told what I could not do and achieve, when it came to my dreams and aspirations. I love my family with all my heart and soul. Am always going to take care of family, I just need to learn I could have both.

Then I spent the next couple of years kicking myself for not traveling and writing my book, starting my blog years ago, buying a new home, and having a healthy relationship, wasted time.

Forgiving myself for not placing myself first was a big step. I had to be comfortable with doing it without feeling guilty. Albert Einstein said,"

Imagination is more important than knowledge." I had to tap into my inner child to get my creativity back.

I am not going to be announcing am going to be doing it. This year completed one of my visions; January has been very productive.

It's my time to be me with a purpose!

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Feb 17, 2023

What a gentle reminder to focus on being healthy and productive throughout our life's journey. However, coupled with this, we must also adjust, if you will, or be loyal to our family's legacy. Being the oldest or surviving family member comes with unspoken responsibility and admiration that ought to be taken with pride. If not, then our heritage as a family dies!

Being placed in this [not requested] role permits us to add a framework of the expectancy we need to flourish. Being secure within ourselves gives us the strength to prevail in this endeavor. To this end, is why I agree with your synopsis in terms of learning and adopting self-preservation. We can not lead if we don't grasp…

Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

I totally agree. However, when you are made to believe that you are not allowed to live your dreams and aspiration because you are supposed to do what the family wants, that is the issue. I had become brainwashed into believing my dreams and aspiration were not important. I was brainwashed to believe, my dreams were not achievable. I was told I was wasting my time and just being happy with my job. The lack of support was real and I gave up and that is on me. I was not strong enough to continue my pursuit. I would not change anything in the world as it pertains to taking care of my family. That is always going to b…

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