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The Redeem Team

As you know, I love finding inspiration when writing my blogs.

This weekend was no different. Saturday I watched "The Redeem Team."

If you have not seen it, this is about the USA Olympic Basketball team.

For me, it was more than their story.

This story was about leadership, courage, ego, expectations, and teamwork.

I learned the USA might have been robbed of the Gold when Doug Collins played on the team. I never knew this. The goal was for the US to bring back the Olympic gold. The question was how to accomplish this.

The NBA decided to allow NBA players to represent the USA in the Olympic team, and now we had renewed excitement.

Coach K had to bring these players together and teach them to play as one vs. individual egos.

You had Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwade Wade, and Carmelo Anthony as part of this team.

Coach K did an excellent job understanding the dynamics and was able to motivate the team. The methods he used were unique but not difficult to implement.

On the team, you had leaders who rose to the occasion. You had

two Alpha players, Lebron and Kobe, who learned to be leaders together.

In life, we must learn to win; we must adjust.

We need to understand the play put before us.

We need to know who the players are and if we should include them on the team.

Important to learn how to adjust and adjust quickly so you can achieve your gold.

Individual players rose to the occasion in training camp.

Players learned how to read the opposing team, making adjustments to the game.

I encourage you to watch this documentary.

It gave me new motivation and helped me plan my next move.

If you have children who whether they play sports or not, watch it with them and then have a conversation.

The Redeem Team did their job; now it's time to do yours.

Go for it!

Rest In Peace, Momba!

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This squad was unbelievable, but their journey was a work of art!

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