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The Woman King

On Sunday, I decided to treat myself to the movies. I went to see The Woman King. I needed to support this project which was inspired by past events.

The movie was filled with action, and the special effects were off the chain. I knew the movie would not disappoint, and it did not.

The drive in my was awake again. I felt a renewed energy; it's hard to describe.

I began to reflect on the week past; I had lost focus. I knew what I needed to do to get my back on track.

The mission was clear, never to give my power away to anyone.

What do I mean by power?

I am referring to my energy, peace, etc.

I was not in harmony and knew it was time for me to take charge.

It was time to dig deep and allow the strong woman I know I am to emerge from her sleep.

Inspiration comes in all forms, and there is nothing wrong with embracing it.

I have found my warrior, the fighter, the person who never would give up, and I am ready to conquer.

The best is yet to come!

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