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From working in Corporate for over 30 years, building my passion for being an entrepreneur was met with challenges.

Honestly, my biggest challenge; I gave up allowing life to get in my way.

Now I am more determined than ever to fulfill my dream.

I stopped all negative talk and focused, even when obstacles were in my way. I needed the same tenacity I would approach in my profession.

I continue to track my progress the same way I would approach my performance goals. I have completed Phase I and am now on to Phase II.

The timing has to be just right, and everything is in place for the next exciting part of this journey. Keeping in mind focus is key to making sure I do not miss any steps.

I guess you can say; that the experiences I had in my corporate career have prepared me for this exciting day.

The moral of the story, there are always some experiences in your corporate career you can use to your advantage when you decide to pursue your passion.

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