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Unsung Hero

How many of you work at a job where you are an unsung hero?

How does it make you feel? Do you document your achievements

and contributions to your team/department or company?

I have been in this position as a leader and employee. It can be frustrating to see others rewarded when you know you played a vital part in their success. So how do you combat this "unsung hero" syndrome?

You have to know how to tell your story and the best to tell the story is to keep track of your accomplishments. For example, be sure to share not only your contributions but the impact

your contribution(s) had on the team, department, company, and your clients/customers.

Understanding the assignment(s) is vital, as how you collaborate with others; be mindful that your leader may ask for feedback from others on the same project.

I contribute to team meetings with any information beneficial to the team. I demonstrate my skills as a team player and silent contributor when appropriate.

Although you may not get the recognition with all the fanfare, you should celebrate every milestone and know you made a difference.

The other method I have used is successful; I keep. a work journal. This journal has dates of meetings and my thoughts as it pertains to my work performance.

Being the Unsung Hero sometimes is taxing but knowing I made a difference is gratifying.

Are you willing to be the Unsung Hero? What has been your experience, and what advice would you give others?

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