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2022 is the year, January is almost over, how much have you accomplished?

Did you set a vision, think about your dreams, or set goals?

For me, January has been productive.

I accomplished three of the goals I visualized last year. I read two books this month, working on my third. I do a Vision Board vs. making New Year's Resolutions.

I have learned to lean into my visions more than just setting goals. I would set goals to complete, but something was missing. I did not feel a sense of accomplishment.

Now I rely more on my vision and make my dreams a reality. I have accomplished more using this mindset. Trying this new way has shown me changing my mindset and believing in me was all I needed. I just needed to take a step back.

Vision| Dream| Goals

What is your formula?

What do you need to adjust?

Are you ready to tell your story of success?

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