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We Need to Talk

Recently, while speaking with a dear friend, I mentioned how I don't recognize

this country or world today. It just feels like people are so filled with hatred.

I am not naive to think there has not been racism; hate has been around forever.

Today it is more the norm than not, and I am trying to understand. How we got here?

I could provide some of my thoughts on "how"; instead, I will give some inspiring ideas.

Each one of the quotes above speaks to the heart of my point. Sadly, we still have people demonizing others and trying to take away our rights to live freely in this democracy.

I saw a post by Alicia Keys on Instagram; she was reading a book by Kenrya Rankin called WORDS OF CHANGE ANIT-RACISM. Kenrya's book makes for a great table topic book that tackles racism. It's a call for people actively engaged in the fight against racism. Not only does this book serve as a guide but as a celebration of all voices.

Are you ready to have this conversation? Are you willing and ready to fight against racism and hatred?

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