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Weekly Check In

"The best way to start is to start."

This quote by Gil Penchia is a great start to a topic I would to discuss. How many of you do a personal inventory of the week you have in front of you, whether for work or your personal life? If you say yes, are you consistent: how do you stay on track?

For work, I check my calendar via my cell phone to get an overview of the week ahead. Using my cell phone prevents me from working, doing my best to reserve my Sunday as a refresh,and refocus day.

In my personal life, I plan my week around my work schedule. The activities I do are consistent from week to week, for example, my workouts in the morning. I have added something new to my weekly check-ins called my "BigMindset". Shifting my possibiliies mindset to an" I Can" attitude and actions.

Here are the steps I use:

  1. Writing down a goal(s) I like to accomplish.

  2. Write three reasons why I can't achieve these goal(s).

  3. Using my "I Can" mindset into a possibility mindset, essentially turning into " I Have" statements.

These habits have helped me look for possibilities rather than "I can't, the conversation is , " How can I"?

This process is taking time but loving the journey. Every person is different so this process may not be your style, but sometimes trying new things is a part of our life's journey. It is what helps us grow.

Let's talk about, what routine do you use ? Time to check in. Post your comments.

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