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What the Hell Happend?

I know too well all three of the choices mentioned in this quote. I would sit back and regret things I had not accomplished. Why did I not take my dream trip to Greece?

I would talk about how I would take the necessary steps; to finally take this trip. Days, months, and years would go past, and I am still thinking, "what the hell happened?"

Why did I not make things happen?

Now, I can sit here and run down an entire list of why's or I can move differently.

Here's the thing can I change what has already happened?

Can I sit and beat myself up about my choices?

Or can I move differently and book my trip.

I will book my trip.

It serves no purpose to dwell on would -of, could- of that is too much energy spent in the wrong areas.

The time is now because tomorrow is not promised. I want to spend my time living, putting myself in a position of a higher elevation.

I Am happy-making moves and letting my passion help me create my beautiful life.

We all have free choice, we need to not be afraid to make the moves we need in our personal and professional life. Stop saying one day, make today your day 1 to elevate to the next level.

Say to yourself "I am not my past or what I have been through."

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Jun 10, 2022

The bottom line for me is, do I really want to? Most often, that's the real deal of why I did not make it happen. All of my accomplishments are because I either had to or wanted to. You will often use money as to why you can't, didn't, or won't. As I taught my twins, you know that a particular event, assignment, or bill is expected because of the given date. You not preparing for it is ON YOU ALONE.

Then there were times I would beat myself up over why I didn't walk away from a relationship sooner. And, in hindsight, I wasn't ready even though I knew I must.

One other time was when I got a…

Jun 10, 2022
Replying to

Love your insight!! Thank you so much for always providing us with another perspective of how to look at things. Love you to the moon and back Cuz! ❤️

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