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You can have it both

My career did help me develop skills am now using as I fulfill my vision.

So it was not all for nothing.

Now I have to remember to keep my balance between my job and my vision.

Learning a new job and launching my new business venture has been a labor of love.

The key is keeping staying focused.

When I am at work, I concentrate on my responsibilities.

Before and after work hours are used as my time.

The biggest lesson is my focus is everything and to use my time wisely.

You can have both a career and still fulfill your dreams of being an entrepreneur.

Here are some habits I put into motion:

  1. Get up at 3:30 every weekday

  2. Get up at 4:30-6:00

  3. Pray

  4. Workout

  5. Drink Water

  6. Healthy eating

  7. I do not drink

  8. Mediation

  9. Reading

  10. Journal

These are a few items that have become habits.

The other thing I have learned is not to force things in my professional and personal endeavors.

As a result, I am happy and about to be more productive. I know I will achieve all my goals/visions.

I would like to hear your comments on how you are doing with your professional and personal pursuits.

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