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You Know He Loves You...

Looking for inspiration as I was dealing with my secret. Then I ran across something that resonated with me.

I came across this message:

"You Know He Loves You...

-When after all the crap you put him through he can still look at you and say everything will be okay. "

I want to change this narrative and apply it to women as well.

We as women have times when we are doing crap, and this should never be ignored or dismissed.

" You Know He Loves You...

-When he randomly texts you just to say I love you, I miss you or you're my everything."

Please see a woman's text as the same, a sign of love and not a sign of being needy.

"You Know He Loves You...

-When everything seems to go wrong in your life, and all he wants to do is be there for you and help you."

Women want the same for you as you do for us.

Give your love language the same respect we give yours.

No relationship is perfect, but it does not have to be complicated either.

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