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6 Things to remember about your Past

The first thing you need to remember is the past is gone. It only exists in your memory. You can do is look for the lesson and hold on to that part. Lessons from our past can help elevate you to the next level of your full potential.

Do you tell yourself your past defines you? Guess what it does not but it can make you the best version of yourself. Now past events can be traumatic. In those cases receiving the help, you need to cope, is necessary. Only you know what you might need. You can also journal about your experience and let go. This is going to free you from any barriers you place on yourself.

Your teacher is the past itself. It can help you learn so must about yourself. Try this write down what you would tell your younger self. This advice will be passed on what you have learned. You will see how much you have grown from your past. Please take it one step further, and list some of your achievements. This will show you how much

you have moved on from your past.

The fifth thing to remember is holding onto it may lead to relieving the past. Reliving the past

will only bring back that trauma all over again. What you can do is look for the lesson you learned and hold on to this part of the experience It is valuable and can help you grow. Look for the lesson and apply it to your life. Use it as a guide to make decisions in the future.

You will then be able to use the lesson to create a plan of action that will help you avoid similar mistakes in the future. Learn from the experience and use it to your advantage.


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