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Am in Control

By the time you read this blog, the event am about to tell you about has past.

I recently reactivated my Facebook page to bring my exposure to Renee's Harmony, my Love Yourself Journal, and my Embrace U LLC store. This journal has been such a blessing for me.

Someone I know sent me a private message with an inappropriate question. You may be wondering how I responded. I did not respond., not giving this action any life. It was not worth it to me.

I was having a reflexing Sunday, and I was going to keep it that way. My NY Giants were not playing. I watched the Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears. I turned on When Harry Met Sally. I had forgotten how funny it was. It brought me back to a time in my life when I felt at peace.

My point is you control how to react to certain things that happen. I sent a strong message by ignoring it vs. responding to it. My Sunday remained peaceful, enjoying a gorgeous sunny day.

How do you manage things which are in your control? Have you taken a different approach; what was the result? Let me know in the comments.

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