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Critical Mass

This past weekend I have so many thoughts about some of the current events in our country.

I thought to myself, what happens in my professional world.

What decision will I have to make, if any?

Will the protections we have taken for granted be stripped from the workplace?

I had to take a step back and remind myself to stay focus. I would not allow these thoughts to consume me and cloud my mind.

Instead, I would stay informed and take this energy into my performance.

I reminded myself we were halfway through the year and I had completed many of the goals I set for the year.

I made a plan on Monday to map out my continued path for a successful rest of the year.

As we navigate our changing world, it is important to modify our professional life.

Not in a panic but with positive energy to help navigate any changes in your workplace.

Having a clear focus has been important since beginning my new profession over a year ago.

I knew I could not lose focus of my plans for my plans as an Entrepreneur.

I would not lose sight of my vision for Embrace U LLC.

If you are thinking the same, my advice would be to stay informed but don't allow these societal issues to distract your focus.

Pray, meditate, and work out, whatever you need to do to protect your peace and keep your sanity.

Remember, if it becomes too overwhelming, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional care.

You are what you manifest in your mind. I am going to continue to create my happiness and be kind.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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