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Deserve Better

Praying to God, I asked him to reveal all to me.

God answered my prayers.

In life, we do not always understand the journey; God does.

I will never have any regrets, but I will never be the same.

I am wiser and more careful.

I will never wish ill on anyone; it's not me.

I am a firm believer in karma. So, I will treat people with the same respect I would like someone to show me.

I had been praying so hard for someone and hoping they would see the error of their ways. I prayed for their soul.

Instead, the web of lies continued to be more unbelievable and unconvincing.

I leaned into my faith and knew God would continue to show me the truth.

Tonight God showed me again the truth I had been avoiding.

I am so grateful.

I am going to continue to pray and hope that maybe the lies will not hurt anyone else.

The old me would say I will never be made whole, but I am.

This experience will not define me.

I am in control of my story and how I define myself.

Funny thing, when you tell lies, you can destroy so much.

You hurt the relationship with those that love you.

Your relationship with God. And you were quick to claim how much you love God.

When you deal with this type of situation, remember God is seeing and hearing conversations you cannot hear.

For this am grateful; Heal I will; look back; I will not.

I know there is something so much bigger out there for me.

In the end, I deserve better.

Will I have days I wonder no because none of it was real?

Working on my elevation and building my platform is my focus.

I don't have time for sadness or thinking about "the one who lied"

Watch me elevate and use the lies you told as my stairway to elevate above and from behind the wall you tried to keep me behind.

Remember you are in control of your narrative.

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2 commentaires

22 juil. 2022

"I DESERVE BETTER" should be the repeated quote in our heads 24/7. When you know yourself, you honor yourself. The moment you allow doubt to enter your conscientiousness is the moment you set yourself up for disappointment or failure. Often we are our own enemy because we overthink! Deserve better is a motto I have come to appreciate; failed relationships, in part, taught me that.

22 juil. 2022
En réponse à

Overthinking can cause you undue stress as well. I have trained myself to look at what is presented and see if for what it is. No need to over analyze.

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