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Do the eyes see the truth?

A Model with smokey eyes
The eyes don't lie

The eyes see the truth. But the heart refuses to accept it. The heart wants to believe what it wants to believe, even if it means denying facts. The heart can be fooled into believing something untrue, but the eye will never be fooled. The heart is weak and easily swayed, but the eye is steady and true.

 For example, someone may tell their heart that their friend is cheating on them, but the lies of the heart will never fool the eye. The heart is like a balloon, easily inflated and filled with hot air; while the eyes are like rocks. Strong and unbending. The heart can be swayed by emotion, while the eyes will never be fooled.

For me, I listen to my intuition. For the most part, it is never wrong. When I am in doubt, I try to take a step back and view the situation with an objective eye. This helps me make rational decisions that are not clouded by emotions. Ultimately, it is my heart that guides me, but my eye that confirms my decision.

 Trusting my intuition allows me to make thoughtful and informed decisions, ultimately leading to better outcomes. I also make sure to weigh the pros and cons of the decision before making it. Taking the time to consider all the details helps me to make the best decision possible.

Ultimately, trusting my intuition and taking the time to consider the details helps me make better decisions.

I am grateful for my life experiences, even if they are painful. It's called growth. Out of pain come clarity and truth.

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