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Emotional Maturity

I want you to think about what emotional maturity means to you. Currently, I am reading " lighter" by Yung Pueblo. He was called the bestselling author of Clarity & Connection by the New York Times.

His book is about letting go of the past, connecting with the present, and expanding the future.

In his book, emotional maturity is one of the topics he discusses. Do you think emotional maturity is different for a person personally and professionally, or can you not separate it?

I think of emotional maturity as personal growth during a person's lifetime. You may know someone who either is not emotionally mature. I can think of some I know from a professional and personal level.

For me, my emotional mature, it has to start with me. I must be willing to look inward. When you look inward, be honest about what you see. Are you making healthy sacrifices?

Have you ever thought about how you relate to your emotions? It's imperative to process emotions untouched; so you completely heal and grow.

This blog today is dedicated to my Mother who is the reason I am here. She gave me the tenacity I needed to overcome all of my scars. I love you Mom and miss you every single day.

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