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Empty Shell

Have you ever met someone who felt empty to you? It's like they were at a crossroads and did not know which way to go. Have you ever felt this way? Maybe we all feel this way at certain points in our lives. It can be scary, but it's also an opportunity to reevaluate our goals and find the right path forward.

We must take the initiative and make the changes we need to create a better future.

Was it a trauma event, heartbreak, death of a loved one, failure in an endeavor, or one of your goals?

What was the trigger? It is imperative to identify the cause of your emotional pain to deal with it healthily. Reflecting on what happened and why it hurt you can aid you process emotions and working through them. Once you understand the cause of the pain, you can heal. This is especially true when the pain is linked to a traumatic experience, as understanding the triggers can help you create a plan to heal. Knowing the root cause of the trauma can also help you develop coping strategies, such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, to help you manage the pain.

I have been at a crossroads and it took strength, determination, and lots of prayer to turn it around. I learned over time that the most effective way to address trauma was to talk about it, find a support system, and seek professional help. I am now in a better place and want to encourage others to take the same step. I want to let everyone know it is ok to ask for help and to talk about their struggles. No one should go through it alone, help is available. It is possible to come out of the other side and live a life of peace and joy.

Learning to love myself was the key to feeling fulfilled again. This process did not happen overnight. This self-love includes self-care as well. As you know, I am a big fan of both. Here are some steps you can use:

  1. Daily Affirmations

  2. If it feels wrong, move differently

  3. Say what is on your mind but be respectful

  4. Say No and don't be afraid

  5. Say Yes and don't be afraid

  6. Love yourself loudly

The thing to remember is you can bounce back and be happy. You can fulfill your wildest dreams and have the life you envision. No matter how life tries to take you down, you must stay strong and be persistent. Believe in yourself and never give up. Trust that you will make it through and be even stronger.

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