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Every day is a gift

Before I start writing my blog post, I always look for inspiration. My research and blog posts are around topics I see trending and what is close to my heart and journey. See, I know some people are going through situations in their life but don't feel they have an outlet or even know where to begin to look for resolutions.

Last week was tough, but I am grateful because I got to see another day, minute, and hour.

I read the quote you see in this post over and over again. It was 2 AM, as sleep alluded me and, instead of sleeping, I was reading.

Last week, I learned to trust is so hard to earn. How do you get there when someone has broken the trust? Where do you start?

Reliving the situation only makes it worse, so how do you heal?

See, trust and forgiveness are two very different things.

The first thing is to heal from the trauma/hurt.

Forgive as you heal; forgive them first and then yourself.

You may never get the trust back; they need to take accountability for breaking it in the first place.

If you were the one who broke the trust, then you must understand the consequences of your actions and not be upset with the other person(s) when they respond accordingly.

Learn the lie and the truth, and listen for the inconsistency.

Within the lie is the truth; you need to learn how to break it down.

Learn to be tough when faced with unpleasant life issues, but not cold.

All you can do is make that lemonade with a smile and move forward to face your journey called life.

Too often, I wasted time reliving pain and trauma to no positive end.

Now I do my best, am not perfect, still a work in progress; live my life one day at a time.

Be strong as possible and not allow someone else to destroy my peace or sanity. I will always face the truth head-on.

l always face the truth head-on.

I hope this gives you something to think about and helps you to approach situations differently.

Each day given is a gift.

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