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Feed the Spark

I am always searching for inspiration to share with my audience. I love it when I see something that gets my creative juices working. Today, it was this quote:

"Don't lose the spark that makes"

~ Unknown

When I read this quote, it reminded me of all of the times I would give up on my dreams/visions. I had allowed circumstances to put out my spark. Whether it was people getting in my head; or getting out of balance with my personal and work life.

I had responsibilities, that's okay, but why did I allow these responsibilities to keep me off balance, dimming my light?

I am not going to cry over spilled milk. I will continue to know when I need to adjust my energy to serve me in a positive direction, closer to my dreams/visions.

It's the same with certain relationships if you dim my spark time to leave those toxic people to the toxic energy that makes them who they are. I hope they see my spark and find their spark.

Having this conversation with our children about their spark is a must. Tell them how they shine and never allow anyone to take their spark.

Everyone has a spark, even if it's hidden, It is time to pull this spark out and live!

Celebrating the victories!
Feed the spark! Don't loose your spark!


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