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How do you define self-love?

I believe I have always been honest with my intentions. I am at peace with whatever the outcome of any situation may be. It is paramount to me that I stay true to myself and my values.

So I can reflect and be proud of my decisions and conduct. I feel it's imperative to remain in control of our destinies and take responsibility for our lives. I am confident that by staying true to myself. I can be content no matter the outcome of any situation.

For example, even if I don't get the job I applied for, I am proud that I followed the process and gave it my best shot; it allows me to maintain a sense of peace and contentment.

It is why I believe so strongly in self-love. When I think about self-love, it is about taking accountability and moving toward your feelings vs. running away from them.

Here are some steps I use to get to know my emotions.

  1. Explore what the emotion(s) is or are.

  2. Dig deeper.

  3. Open my heart.

  4. Check-In.

  5. Practice.

For me, there is no golden rule when it comes to self-love. Others might now agree with me; some may say it's about self-compassion; always treat yourself as you treat others.

What does self-love mean to you? Let's talk about it.

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