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I am "That Girl"

So let me ask you a question, who are you?

Have you ever thought about what you mean to yourself? That's right, I said

to yourself and not others.

If we cannot define who we are,

how do we show up in the world?

How can you be your best self if you

don't know who that is?

How many of you had to write comments about your performance?

Did you struggle?

Were you able to articulate who you were during that performance period?

I have been guilty of holding back who Renee' is, whether in my professional or personal life.

Whether it was from a lack of confidence or being humble.

Some of the wisdom and confidence I have now, wish I possessed in my younger years.

I would tell my younger self you need to be like, "That Girl." Mindset is everything!

How we talk to ourselves and who we believe

we are matters.

I would like for you to try something: If you were interviewing yourself, what would you say?

I would love to hear your comments.

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3 comentarios

Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
11 dic 2022

Good question. I never thought about it but, since you bring it up, I'd say that I am a supportive father, husband, son, brother, and friend.

Me gusta
11 dic 2022
Contestando a

I could not agree more Julio! You are all of this to your family and friends!

Me gusta

07 dic 2022

Renee, this is a 'deep' question. I could not answer this question before I entered the age of 65 with a solid answer. Before then, I knew what I wanted to aspire to be within me, for me, and about me.

As being a Mom, I had to get out of my own way to be what I thought was a good role model for my twins. Then once I achieved all the employment goals, educational degrees, and salary heights, it wasn't until I retired that I saw personal challenges.

Retirement forced me to look within - who am I now? I grew tired of making that image of what I needed to be according to others. All the questions…

Me gusta
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