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Inspiration for love -HER.

Recently, I read a book called HER written by Pierre Alex Jeanty. I discovered this book on Instagram. Pierre Alex Jeanty is the Founder of Gentlemenhood (TM) and CEO of Jeanius Publishing. He is a Haitian-American author who devotes his time to his writing.

His book HER is a collection of short poems about love, hurt, healing, and reflection. He hopes to inspire men to become better. As I read each poem I reflected on each word and wondered how I could improve. I was moved by his honest and vulnerable words. I reflected on my relationships and actions, wondering how I could become a better man. His poetry helped me evaluate who I was in a relationship with.

Better in love, setting boundaries, healing, forgiveness, and keeping faith in love. His words remind me that I have the power to change my life, and to take the necessary steps to do so. He inspired me to take an honest look at myself, and my relationships and make conscious choices about how I can become a better man. His poetry gave me the courage to confront my flaws. An admission that one has flaws is not negative talk. It is a step closer to inner peace.

One of his poems I loved was on page 69: "If loving them means not loving you, it is not love, but lust playing its trick on you." This poem made me realize that true self-love is essential to loving others. It taught me that I must love and care for myself. I also learned that I must take responsibility for my actions and not blame others for the things that I have done.

HER is me.

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