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It Matters!

I have worked in Corporate America for most of my life.

Unfortunately, I learned too late; that some companies are not loyal to their employees; it's about the bottom line, and you are replaceable.

On Weds of this week, my company announced we would receive April 15 off as employee well-being day!

It's was a welcome surprise, but this was not the first time.

This company has shown that they care about their employees.

It Matters!

I love my job!

The first time I have been able to express this sentiment.

We have fun while we also get the job done, and our customers are at the receiving end of first-class service.

It Matters!

I am at a point in my life; I want my work-life to always be in harmony, striking a balance. Do I have to work irregular hours; yes, because that is my choice.

It Mattes!

Are you happy with your job/career?

What can you do to change your experience?

Remember, it starts with you.

It Matters!

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2 comentarios

22 abr 2022

This post really hit home!!

Me gusta

I agree! More companies should use this as a guide/manual to building lasting relationships with their employees. In the end, you both win!

Me gusta
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