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It's Over

When you read this quote, what comes to mind?

Have there been times when you did not forgive yourself?

Did you ever wonder why?

Here is another thought, does it matter anymore?

So do yourself a favor and forgive yourself now.

If you did forgive yourself, is there any part of this quote that still rings true? If the answer is no, you need to share how you processed this with others.

Recently, I had an experience that took everything in my power to forgive not only myself but the other person. Now I am on a mission to rebuild and get back to where I was before this experience.

I allowed myself a day to be in my feelings; I knew it was time to move forward.

Why sit and relive the hurt your fault, which serves no one.

Instead, I would rather live. Here is something I realized during the day I gave myself to process my experience, the impact on your body.

I looked at my face and saw pain, age, and worry; my glow was gone.

I was not going to do that to myself.

I needed to get back to me!

Now, I am back, and it feels good.

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