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Letting Go

We have those moments in our careers it feels like we have hit a wall.

We begin to dread getting up in the morning, feeling there is no way out.

We need to own all these emotions and take time to take inventory of what is wrong and make it right.

Once you take this inventory, be sure to take ownership of anything you contributed.

It's paramount to figure out how you will get back on track.

It's time to figure out your passion.

It might help you to get started with the identification part first. Remember to have an experience career strategist on your radar.

It is time to let some things go and be ready to mentally, emotionally,

and physically grow.

During my career, I let go of some of the following:

  1. Falling for the proverbial carrot

  2. Unrealistic expectations from leadership or my peers

  3. Comparing myself to others, especially after I interview for a promotional position

  4. Fear of Failure and taking the high road

  5. Knowing who are the unsupportive people

  6. Letting go of wanting to be in control of everything

This process was not easy. Once I was ready, I executed my plan.

The great thing about experiences we go through is you can make adjustments much faster.

There is no time like the present if there are some things you need to " Let Go."

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Jun 16, 2022

Numbers 2 & 3, I say I'm not to clear on them. From a HR point of view I find it interesting.

Jun 16, 2022
Replying to

So with number 2. I would hold on to think that my leaders would keep their word and support me. Number 3. Seeing people with less experience and accomplishments get promotions over me. So I would allow second guess my accomplishments and talents.

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