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Life is too Short

How does this quote make you feel? This brings up so many times I wasted time on these four emotions. Is it possible not to be in these spaces? I am not sure, it is not my experience.

In life, we need to learn how to manage these emotions. Why, think about the benefits to your mental and physical health. I have learned that you need to meet people where they are in certain situations. Of course, each situation is different, however, you can learn how to control these emotions.

Let's talk about anger. Anger can rise from 1 to 100 in a second. In this split second,

so much can end up wrong. One way to manage these emotions is to take a deep breath, walk away and take control of your emotions. Depending on the circumstances, journal your feelings. You can write the person a letter, but never mail it. As you can see all of these actions deal with releasing the emotion(s).

For those of us who overthink, worrying is our biggest waste of time. If I had a dollar for every time I overthink a situation. What does it do to the brain? It can impair hippocampus functioning. Stree affects memory and many other brain functions as we all know. Again, the strain on your body can impact your peace. Try this the next time you worry about something:

  1. Ask yourself - Is the situation under my control? Can I change the outcome?

  2. Ask yourself- Why am I worrying? What will it cost me?

After you evaluate the situation take the necessary steps to shut down the worried voice in your head. Try to exercise, practice meditation, journal, and pray.

I don't recall ever holding a grudge against anyone. It's always been my belief to allow God to fight my battles. I never want Karama calling again, and I believe it's not my place. See while you hold on to a grudge against another person(s), they live their lives like nothing is wrong.

Regret is the most challenging emotion. With regrets, you may not have an opportunity to change the circumstances. This is why it is so important to remember that words spoken can't be unspoken or unheard. This is where writing in a journal helps. Never answer an email or text message immediately. Give yourself time to process the communication and situation and respond. Keeping in mind we may not always agree and that's okay. One love!

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Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
Jul 08, 2023

Two sayings that I repeat are: "Don't worry about things you can't control" and "Cross that bridge when you get to it. "

Jul 08, 2023
Replying to

Love it!

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