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Listening to the Voice

During my flight to Texas past Wednesday morning, I had an epiphany. As usual, I went to sleep; I was tired. I never sleep the night before I have to travel.

It was a smooth fight after some turbulence in the beginning. Then all of a sudden, the plane takes a nose dive. I was immediately frightened by this sudden turn of events.

In the seat behind mine, a man leaned forward to say, " the only way to conquer this is to face your fear." This man was Trent Sheldon, an ex-football player, now a motivational speaker. I looked at him and said, " I can't."

His response was, " you're bigger than this, and God is bigger than all of it."

Then I woke up. This experience was so vivid the message was clear. Conquer your fears, and recently I have been experiencing moments of fear.

Fear of Failure

Fear of never being loved

Fear of letting my heart lie to me

Fear of leveling up on who Renee' is and showing the world her awesomeness.

Thank you, God, for placing Trent Sheldon behind me so I could hear the message you had for me.

I am so blessed by the best!

Disclaimer: The T-shirt I am wearing is from Trent Sheldon's collection. " Protect Your Peace" I wear it when I fly.

Back of the shirt:

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1 commentaire

Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
29 juil. 2022

Excellent story. Listen to the voice and protect your peace. You've hot this!

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