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Little Universe

When I first saw this quote, I read it several times.

It resonated in a way I would never think was possible.

Five years ago, I read this quote; I would have never given it a second thought.

It is amazing how our life's journey can change our perspective. What was important five years ago has lost its luster. For me, I think it's been my journey to be able to grow and evolve into a new me.

My little universe has been through hell, and I work hard to protect the delicate parts.

Is it easy?

No, but the key is never giving up on what will make your universe flourish.

Get rid of what is destroying your peace; get rid of the toxic energy, including people.

Nothing wrong with doing what makes you happen as long as it is not harmful to you.

What are you doing for your universe?

Do you know what you want in your universe?

Can you visualize your perfect non-toxic universe?

If not, what is it that is blocking your vision?

Once you have thought about the four questions, come up with a vision for your universe. You could create a vision board and complete a chart to see what is out of balance.

The next step is to take action in your personal or professional life. You are in control of what you allow to enter your universe.

For me, I love my new universe.

The best part; I hold the key.

I can't wait to read your comments and hear about your experience.

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Membro sconosciuto
26 ago 2022

This is a perfect account of my journey. I now take pride in saving myself because my GOD awarded me the strength to do so. It took a minute to get it, but I had to permit my spirit to receive what was necessary for me to do to survive the turmoil for the sake of myself and my twins.

My journey will always be memories, appreciations, and values learned. That's how we acquire stories to pass on. WE GOT EXPERIENCE!

Mi piace
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