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My Turn!

As I am sitting here writing this post, I'm watching the Oprah interview with Viola Davis. The name of her book is "Finding Viola."

I thought to myself the timing was perfect. I am writing about My Turn.

I am in the space and time where I am ready to do all the things I have been afraid to do in the past.

Viola Davis said: "My dreams are bigger than my fears." I could not agree more.

I have some things in the works which are my biggest dreams.

I am ready to release my voice and share it with the world, and whether it is heard that's not important.

It's my turn to live with my peace and my joy.

During this pandemic, I have lived with the highs and lows; of me, coming through the other side wiser for my journey.

My secret is right by my side; the world is now open to all of the possibilities that are me.

The plan is in place, and now those who laughed will see.

My Turn!

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