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Protect Your Energy

Thursday morning, I received a text message from someone special. I will not disclose the text that led me to find some motivational quotes, a prayer, and then it happened.

I came across Trent Sheldon's podcast. For those not familiar with Trent, he played in the NFL; now is a motivational speaker. I shared his message with my special someone.

I decided it was important to share the message with my audience.

It made me think about all of the years I allowed others to suck my energy; my heart led me to be taken advantage of at times.

Why did I not protect my energy instead of walking around mentally and physically drained?

Energy is expensive, time to stop giving it away for free. I am not suggesting you charge; I'm just suggesting to be selective to what you say Yes to.

It is time to stop begging people for support, spending time on things of no consequence. No more draining of my energy, so I have nothing left.

How many times have you done this same thing? It's time to Protect Your Energy! Start saying "No" when you feel it is not right and be okay.

Saying "No" does not make you an uncaring person; you know your heart is good. It is your choice to do what is best for your expensive energy.

Energy depleted does not serve you well.

The impact on your mind, body, and soul is immeasurable and, you can't be your best self for anyone, most importantly yourself.

I am okay with protecting my energy from now on, being my best self; that is the energy I want to give. I know it will take practice, being purposeful with this new me.

What are you willing to do to protect your energy? Think about the way(s) you can protect yours vs. what you have already given away, move forward.

Saying "No" does not make you an uncaring person.

Protect Your Energy!

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