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Quote of the Week!

"Last year I was tested more than ever. I lost so much, but I also won,

I failed, cried, I laughed and learned the hardest lessons life can throw

at us. Most of all am still here to begin my next journey, I will not break."

~Renee' J. Taylor

As you begin this new year, remember to be kind to yourself. Last year I tried something and I want to share it with you. So what I did was place in a jar the emotions I felt only on tough days. I would include the dates on each note.

Every month I would look at the words I placed the piece of paper in the jar. As the year progressed I was able to keep track of which emotions showed up the most.

As I enter 2023, I know how to control how I react to situations. This was my twist on the image you see below. You can also try this with your

family. There are so many benefits, trust me.

Let's Get It!

Is there something you did last year, similar to this? Let us know in the comments.

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