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Quote of the Week!

It's time to start fresh.
Hello Monday!

We have only two months until 2024. Have you completed an inventory/assessment of your professional and personal life? It is important to do this regularly to make sure that our goals are on track and we are satisfied with our progress. Taking a step back and assessing our progress can help us identify any areas of improvement and make changes if necessary. Taking the time to do this now can help us be better prepared for the future.

Mondays: are an excellent way to take inventory of what you have achieved and still need to accomplish.

I would use these steps:

  1. Write down New Monday: What do you need to accomplish today in both your personal and professional space?

  2. Next write down New Week: What results will you have at the end of the week?

  3. The third item listed is New Start: What are you working on that needs revamping?

  4. Lastly, write New Goals: What do you wish to achieve before the end of the year?

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